About easy2trade:
Clear, proactive workflow management


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Clear, proactive workflow management

Easy2trade oversees the work that needs to be done within your enterprise. The programme classifies and presents the tasks to the right employees. For example: 

  • Articles that need to be stocked for sales orders
  • Offers to follow up, when the client will soon be deciding
  • Visitation reports to be read
  • Overdue buying orders
  • Possibly overdue orders

With pre-defined tasks

Easy2trade is supplied with dozens of pre-defined tasks. For every user profile, you can select which tasks are relevant, so that each employee sees the tasks needing to be executed by them, in order of importance.

Differs from other systems

Easy2trade differs from other systems in that is anticipates the work process, and it doesn’t just register it. There are many built-in features which give warning well in time. For example when ordered products aren’t available, when suppliers are too late, warehouse deliveries are endangered or other delays occur.