The ultimate task-based software package for steel and engineering wholesalers.


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This is easy2trade

Easy2trade monitors the continuity of the working process within your organisation. It has been especially developed for the steel and/or technical products wholesaler.


Efficient and cost-reducing operation

Easy2trade is an essential link for a smoothly running, efficient and cost-reducing operation. Time-consuming meetings, misunderstandings between employees and logistical bottlenecks are all gone thanks to Easy2trade. Better support for the user leads to reduction in both mistakes and costs.


Easy status rapports

Easy2trade informs you and your employees about the status of all orders and about the progress of logistical processing and production at any time of the day. Based on this information, the user can take action immediately.


A eye on the future

The system is based on the latest technologies, such as Microsoft .NET 4 and Microsoft SQL Server 2013. Easy2trade was developed from the user, and was set up very innovatively. This is why it’s an incredibly user friendly, intuitive and flexible system. The philosophy behind Easy2trade is that the user needs to find all necessary information quickly in Easy2trade, and that he/she is automatically guided through the execution of his/her tasks. This makes post-it notes, internal e-mails and automatically printed lists obsolete.